These are the terms and conditions of hire of Bounce Around, please read carefully. The company accept no responsibility for damage or injury whilst our equipment is under hire to you. Please ensure we have free and easy access to erect the castle onto a clean flat lawn. Please be advised that if we arrive and there is insufficient space or the lawn is unsuitable full payment has to be made. Bounce Around requires cash payment only on all hires upon delivery. Bounce Around reserve the right to cancel any booking at any time. (The word unit in terms & conditions means any other inflatable if not a bouncy castle.)

All persons using the inflatable do so at their own risk. You (the hirer) are responsible for injury or damage occurring whilst the equipment is on hire to you. The following guidelines are for the safety of all people using the equipment & it is the sole responsibility of the hirer to ensure they are adhered to.



If, after the inflatable is set up, you experience high winds or increased wind speed and the unit looks unstable or is moving unnaturally, evacuate the inflatable immediately and switch off the power and call Bouncearound as soon as possible.

Our bouncy castles are for strictly for children under 16yrs old (unless an adult unit is hired). Under no circumstances should adults enter onto the castle as this may result in damage.

The hirer is responsible for the safe keeping of the inflatable, & you will be charged for any damage caused to it.

All units are inflated & checked on delivery & your signing indicates acceptance of the castle being in good, clean condition.

You (the hirer) must ensure there is adequate adult supervision at all times when the unit is in use.


Extreme caution is to be taken with extension cables, which are to be taped down by the hirer. The blower is not to be covered with anything.


People must remove footwear, glasses, jewellery, etc, prior to entering the castle. Food, drinks & pets are forbidden on all inflatables. Face paint and silly string will stain the unit & are not to be used in or around it. Smoking & alcohol consumption must not be allowed on our castles.


Ensure the castle is not overcrowded, limit numbers depending on age & size. If children are colliding then it's overcrowded. Try to avoid large kids & small kids using the castle at the same time.


Please ensure equipment is ready for collection in the same way it was left, clean & inflated. Units returned dirty will be subject to a cleaning charge.


Customers wishing to hire units onto hard surfaces i.e. Tarmac, Patio, Wood etc are advised to source additional insurance.